Introducing ‘reading’

 Starting a project with my daughter “Aarshia” on reading sentences. Now that she can recognise, read, write alphabets, both big and small, knows phonic sounds ( still struggles sometimes), I think this woud be a good time to introduce two word phrases and simple sentences.
After reading from a lot of information and guidelines on various websites ( would mention about them at the bottom), decided on a simple book and corresponding flashcards…
Would like to see how my angel reacts to the book…
Researched sites:

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  1. Thanks Deepa, this is very nice info shared. My son Divyansh is 3.5 yrs with DS and he doesn’t produce much of words but understand and recognize fruits, vegetables, animals and pronounces few english alphabets. So what would you suggest, I should first go for pronouncing alphabets and then reading (read your other post regarding that) or both can go parallel.

    What technique did you use to teach phonic sounds ?