12 Clear Signs That She Is Crazy About You: And 13 Reasons You Are A Fool Believing It!

Today, I read a few lines of this article from BrightSide on my timeline. It seemed like million others trying to gain some readership with flimsy content but the title still annoyed me enough to read the whole article. As expected, it reeked of judgements, misinterpretations, subjectivity and above all, usage of their platform for influencing and validating some notions that is used against girls and women!
So, I decided to take this up. Not for any other reason but for them to understand that one needs to be responsible before writing and then sharing such unnecessary articles; more so, when they are going to be read by the vulnerable youth.


You’d first see the screenshots of their points and then my rebuttal. This is the Title of the post and just below that is the introduction!


Dear BrightSide, we all know and must know that ‘No’ means ‘No’ and it never means ‘Maybe’ or ‘yes!’  Girls don’t confuse men! Most of them are confused because of such articles telling them that no matter what women utter with their fully functional mouth, nonverbal signs reveal their true intentions. Not to forget that they are open to the interpretations of thousands of lusting men. And, that is why stalking and raping runs rampant in this country: because every no, is a yes; in nonverbal ways.

So here at Twominuteparenting, we have also got prominent signs that these signs mean nothing and how believing and acting upon them can land you in jail.

BrightSide: Eye contact affects the production of oxytocin. This hormone helps us feel as if we are bonded with a person. That is why we always try to make eye contact with someone we like.

Two Minute Parenting: : Studies on humans have found that, like voles, our oxytocin receptors are situated in pleasure areas of the brain. Oxytocin is released during childbirth and breastfeeding, as well as during sex and hugs with loved ones. Even playing with your dog can boost oxytocin levels, especially if you make eye contact with the pooch, according to a 2009 study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior. (Source: www.livescience.com)

Also, when we talk as human, we make eye contact. It is natural, and biological. Women make eye contact with the boss when talking, with subordinates while instructing, with colleagues when laughing or discussing…and trust us, they don’t like all of them. in fact many of them don’t even like any of them!

When your eyes meet, the girl takes her gaze away shyly. A girl who is not interested in a man will never do this.

Two Minute Parenting: Unless of course, you’ve been staring at her like an obsessed crazy man and she is too scared or confused or alone! Also, if she is not interested, should she keep looking at you or gaze away? What seems to be the better option guys? Common sense!

• Her pupils will get wider every time she talks to you, although it is not so easy to notice. 

Two Minute Parenting: This is a general rule. Our pupils always get wider when we see someone we like or know. It can also happen when we are excited (which could be for hundred other reasons). Or when we are in the dark, or suffer from mydriasis. If a girl’s pupils dilate frequently when she sees someone, she should seek medical attention, not a boyfriend.

on a serious note: Just look at the picture above and see if you can find a difference between interested and not interested eyes? I lost the game.

If you like a girl, ask her, if she says, ‘No’, leave her! Don’t try to read her!




Note the position of her legs: Really? 

BrightSide:  Stretched legs and crossed ankles are a sign of untrust or even disdain. When a girl feels comfortable and she is interested, her ankles will never be crossed.

Two Minute Parenting: This is horse****. If a girl is interested, she can sit, stand, cross her ankles, bend her knees, twist her elbows and she’d still be interested. And the best way to know is to simply go and ask. Also, about that look of disdain, it is because you’ve been noticing her legs for far too long!

BrightSide:  If her legs are crossed, pay attention to her feet. The toes of her shoes are like a compass needle. If they point at you, this probably means she likes you and would like to know you better.

Two Minute ParentingSo always carry a protractor with you on a date. If the angles between her feet are complementary and point to the direction of your crotch with a maximum zero error of ~10 degrees, congratulations! It’s a match! Also, if you happen to be sitting where a human toe can’t move and she still manages to point it to you..RUN…she isn’t what you think she is.


BrightSide: When 2 people are within one room, the distance between them can say a lot about their relationship.  

 Two Minute Parenting: By this logic, all women/girls at college campuses, canteens, classrooms, trains, buses and at all similar places have been secretly trying to tell you that they want you!

BrightSide: If she likes you, she will try to sit closer to you, even if she is shy.

 Two Minute Parenting: Doens’t matter if the seat next to you is the only vacant one. Duh, she’s definitely into you!

BrightSide: A foolproof method to find out if she really likes you: enter her comfort zone(approximately 2 feet from her face). If she moves back, it is a bad sign. But if she stays where she is, then she likes you.


Side note: Go all Indian on her and surround her. Invade her privacy until she can’t escape and is within the 2 feet of you. Totally not harassment!

once again

If you like a girl, ask her, if she says, ‘No’, leave her! Don’t try to read her!


9.BrightSide: She keeps her back straight and shows her breasts

BrightSide: In order to make an impression, a girl will try to keep her back straight, show her breasts, and suck in her belly. And believe us, it will be very hard to ignore.

 Two Minute Parenting: Of course who can ignore a woman when she is in love and is showing her breasts off. I mean, showing her breasts is the sure shot way to tell a man that he is loved because there’s nothing more to a woman than the two milkbags on her chest!

Btw, you’ve got all rights to stare, look or even grope if you feel it was she, who got you excited by sitting with her back straight, showing off you know what, because as the writer suggests… it will be too hard to ignore!

8. Note the position of her thumb

BrightSide: This gesture is more used by men when they try to put their thumbs inside their pockets or belt. However, girls also use this trick, though in a more sophisticated way.

Pay attention if she puts her thumb behind her belt, purse, or any other accessory. This is a sign that she is trying to attract your attention to her face, hips or breast. Thus, this is a sign that she is interested.

Two Minute Parenting: pay attention…keep paying attention! She has been trying to hide her thumb at all places to get her face, boobs, and hips noticed by you. She is interested, jump on Tiger!

7. She copies your poses and gestures.

BrightSide: This imitation happens instinctively and means that she is trying to understand you better and find something in common. 

Two Minute Parenting: Instinctively, as in how we use it to subconsciously screw with our friends and have a good harmless laugh out of it. But no, all these times, you were just being incredibly gay.

6. She shakes her shoe on her toes.

BrightSide: When a girl shakes her shoes on her toes, it means she feels relaxed. She does this when she feels comfortable, tries to attract your attention, or flirts.

Remember, the direction in which her shoe or her knee points is the object of her interest.

Two Minute Parenting: So next time she removes her shoes in the scorching heat or when she has sore feet or when she is tired, IT’S A SIGN waiting to be read and acted upon!


If you like a girl, ask her. If she says, No! leave her. Don’t try to read her!



BrightSide: If a girl tries to check her clothes, hair, or accessories in your presence, this means that she is nervous.

Those movements help her to regain her confidence and make sure that she looks good. If she is not interested in you, there is no need for her to fix her looks. 

Two Minute Parenting: If the girl is trying to check her clothes, hair or accessories, she may also feel uncomfortable with your staring and lusty eyes. Moron! She may feel that some of her clothes are inviting unnecessary attention and hence she is trying to fix them.  And who are we kidding? A girl does all that for you, she can’t be trying to look good for her own sake! Pagli 😉

4. She touches her lips.

BrightSide: When a girl touches or licks her lips, it is a clear sign that she is interested or even excited. It is obvious that they often use this gesture in movies.

Two Minute Parenting: This reminds of all scintillating scenes of Bollywood item girls! From Silk Smitha to Sunny leone in her very famous ad. Understand, it only happens in movies!

Let me share a little secret with you. If a girl is a cleanliness freak or is a Monica, she would not go around touching her lips. Also, licking the lips is considered a bad habit. Normally women don’t do it unless they are thirsty or when their lip balms are finished a day before.

side note: drinking enough water can take care of dry lips, most likely to be the reason of this sign.

3. She often looks into a mirror.

BrightSide: Every girl wants to look flawless. Especially when someone she likes sits near her. So if she takes out her mirror every 10 minutes, this means that she is in a state of unrest.  And wants to make sure that she looks good.

Two Minute ParentingGuys, if she is taking out her mirror every few minutes on a date, that’s just a bad narcissist trait, and a sure shot sign that she doesn’t like to hear whatever you are saying.


2. Pay attention to how she holds her hands.

BrightSide: A closed pose with hands crossed on the chest is not necessarily a sign of disdain or a definite ‘No. Sometimes a girl can feel shy and not ready to open up to you so quickly. Be a little more delicate.

However, straight hands means she is giving you the ‘green light.’

Two Minute Parenting: So basically, she’s either dropping you heavy hints, or subtle hints. Both ways, she’s ALWAYS dropping you hints, ALWAYS!

My favourite line is… ‘Be a little more delicate!’ Anybody else reading this ?

1. She twitches a lock of her hair.

Awww….you know what does this mean? This means that If she’s playing with her hair, she likes you or is too shy. If she doesn’t, she likes you, or is too shy!

To sum it all up, everything a girl ever does is a clear sign that she is interested. That, or she’s just very shy and wants you to make a move. It’s never nothing, it’s either of the two. And it is not limited to only this article. It is spread across many websites where content is not thought through.

In a country like India, where a girl’s choice is still the last thing, such articles are never harmless and can prove dangerous. How many times have we heard about stalking, murder or incidents of rape where the boy assumed that the girl was indeed interested. And had turned violent when the feeling wasn’t reciprocated.

Dear BrightSide, your intentions may have been good. You may have wanted to write a fun piece, but you need to be more vigilant about such articles.

I, as a parent and a woman would be more interested in reading ’15 signs she is not interested in you’ or ’10 illegal things in the name of attraction that can get you in jail’.  

and before I sign out…

One last time:

If you like a girl, ask her, if she says, ‘No’, leave her! Don’t try to read her!



Image Credit: All the images are from Bright